Olmek products are exclusively intended for a professional use


Olmek is available by subscription


Subscription content

Subscription includes the three Olmek versions:

Nomadic Version:    OlmekBrowser.exe, doesn’t need to be installed (Windows environment)

PC Version:           OlmekShell.dll installed and fully integrated (Windows file system)

PDA Version:         PocketOlmek.exe, compatible with Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5



2 operation mode for the servers


ASP Mode : Item Centric operated servers



...................©Item Centric
............+33 1 48 06 98 98
....................Paris (France)


- The charging is linked to the anticipated annual traffic upload capacity and to the Olmek account management options. Only the uploaded traffic volume is charged.

- The downloaded traffic capacity and the sharing of documents are free of charge and unlimited.

- The disk space is also unlimited

- There are 3 possible types of ASP subscription:
.......   Olmek Pass

There is no fixed charge, the billing is prepaid according to an anticipated upload capacity

Olmek Standard

A fixed monthly fee based on an estimated use, with the possibility of buying additional upload traffic capacity if the limit is exceeded.

Olmek Global

A subscription form where the upload traffic capacity is estimated for a group of accounts, also applicable when it is difficult to predict the individual consumption of each account or/and it is necessary to quickly manage opening and closure for multiple accounts.



All limit exceeding traffic is object to additional billing.


In House Mode : Client operated servers  


The authentification server is set to allow only a certain pre-agreed number of private keys ordered by the client, this number can only be modified by Item Centric.



Olmek is also available through the purchase of operating licenses


Contact us for rates and conditions.