Light non-intrusive software

Olmek requires no system installation. The software weighs only 950 Kbytes, and may therefore be easily transported on a USB key, memory stick, or floppy disk. Olmek is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

Confidential data management
Each user creates his personal asymmetric encryption digital key and is the only one to know the associated password. When a file is uploaded to Olmek’s confidential space, it is encrypted and signed with the personal key of the user. The elements of each file are also encrypted with the user’s personal key in the storage servers, which can be managed either by Item Centric or by the customer. When files are downloaded from Olmek’s space and simultaneously opened, Olmek leaves no foot print on the device used.
Instant and secured sharing of files of any size and type
Files are shared through encrypted links that can be opened only by the rightful recipients. The sharing can be cancelled whenever required.
Nomadic secured access from anywhere via Internet
Olmek allows moving around without having to carry any files. Olmek in conjunction with an Internet connection is enough to gain immediate access to one's protected information.

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Total integration to the user's environment
Olmek’s interface is similar to Windows Explorer’s one, which means that the user does not have to face a new environment and may keep his landmarks.
Innovative capabilities in the Windows environment
Any file or folder can be associated with a comment that is directly displayed.
All previous versions of a file can be kept in Olmek’s private space.
Olmek allows to temporarily hide a file or a folder from view.
Olmek is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.
Secured collaborative work
Olmek makes it possible for several, geographically dispersed people to work on the same file in a secure manner.